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When you hear the word "ceramic" you tend to think of a fine piece of porcelain, floor or wall tiles or a bathroom plumbing fixture however, new generations of ceramic materials have tremendously expanded the number of applications including additives for paint that make paint insulate.

Since the early 1960s, ceramics have been developed mainly for use in heat-resistant composite materials for satellites and space craft and now due to advanced manufacturing techniques Hy-Tech is able to make available to the public a heat reflecting additive that can be mixed into paint to make the paint a thermal barrier coating. This ceramic heat reflecting product is used on the facilities of major corporations and manufacturers, NASA, and the U.S. Government.

Insulating Ceramic Thermal Control Products:

Hy-Tech: Insulating Ceramic Paint Additive:
Designed to be mixed with ordinary paint. The additive is a very complex blend of selected ceramic microspheres which have the appearance of a fine powder.
The addition of the ceramic additive to regular paint actually increases the adhesion and durability of the paint ! Just stir it in!

Hy-Tech Pre-Mixed Insulating Paint:
A complete line of interior and exterior paint and waterproofing coatings factory blended with Insulating ceramics and the finest pigments and resins available.
Our coatings are designed for easy application and trouble free service.
Simply open the can and apply, no mixing anything in, no thinning, just roll , brush or spray away your high utility bills.

Either Product Will:
  • Help to maintain a more comfortable living environment.
  • Reduce heat and cooling loss!
  • Can be used on: Walls, roofs, ceilings, air-conditioning ducts, Steam pipes & fittings, Metal buildings , Cold storage facilities - walk-in coolers & freezers , Mobile & modular homes .
  • Can be used on Interiors or Exteriors
  • Works in hot and cold climates, Winter or Summer
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